Online Publications

Reality’s publications fall into two categories: Online Publications and Issues.  Online Publications comprise Articles and Essays.  Articles (approximately 9,000-15,000 words) are held to a high academic standard and require thorough scholarship and may eventually be incorporated into Issues after they have been peer reviewed.

The peer review process for Reality is unique: while a qualified reviewer may be solicited upon receipt of an Article submission, the Article may also be posted online (once given editorial approval) and peer reviews accepted from any qualified reader.  These reviews may either be shorter and focused on scholarship and argumentation (called a “Review of”) or longer including not only disputation of scholarship and argumentation but presenting an alternative interpretation of the same issue (a “Response to”).  Reviews of either kind, once evaluated and approved by the editorial staff, will be posted online alongside the original Article, and eventually in the compiled Issue (more description of this process is given here).

In all parts of the process, the Editors seek a collaborative effort with contributors, consisting in open, honest, direct, and thorough communication.  Questions about evaluations, rejections, requests for revision, solicited peer reviewers, and any other part of the process are welcome and will receive a truthful and open answer.