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[PREVIEW] Volume 1, Issue 1 – What is Realism? 


The term “realism” has been applied to countless theories and philosophical approaches over the millennia.  Many claims to be realist, however, seem to make “realism” meaningless: either because they are indistinguishable from idealism or nominalism, or because they hollow out the concept of “reality”, or some other such misstep.  Therefore, many might—and seemingly have already—despair of any valid and sound philosophical inquiries aimed at discerning the truth about human experience, life, meaning, and the universe.  It is around this that the first ever issue of Reality centers: how are we to answer the question, “what is realism?”  Can we truly know the real?  If so, how?

[PDF will be available here]

Political Realism: A Re-Taking of Political Science for the Post-Modern Age – Francisco Plaza [PDF]

An examination of theoretically-constituted political realism as capable of contributing to the common good.  Response: Classical Realism in a Democratic Context – Brian Jones [PDF].

Reality and the Meaning of Evil – Kirk Kanzelberger [PDF]

What does it mean to say that “evil is really only a privation”?  What is the reality thereby specified?  A shift in our understanding is needed.

Signs and Reality – Brian Kemple

An advocation for “semiotic realism” as the means to re-establishing realism as the preeminent philosophical approach.  Response by Matthew Minerd.

The Logical Terms of Sense Realism – Daniel Wagner

On the sense-perceptive realism of Aristotle and Aquinas, offering a Thomistic-Aristotelian and phenomenological defense of the position contra late medieval and modern nominalism.  Response by Seth Kreeger.