Support and Affiliation

Lyceum Institute

Reality is a publication of the Lyceum Institute, which provides a digital environment dedicated to fostering the philosophical habit–of questioning the truth of things and the good of life–in all its members, as we collectively pursue the never-ending education of a truly mind-liberating nature.  Much of education depends upon the atmosphere in which we immerse ourselves, and, in the twenty-first century, we all inhabit a digital atmosphere.  The Lyceum Institute seeks a continual, communal, and thoughtful ennobling of that atmosphere.

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Reality is made possible by the generosity of these affiliated institutions:

Aquinas College


Aquinas College, Grand Rapids MI, an educational community rooted in the Catholic and Dominican tradition, provides a liberal arts education with a global perspective, emphasizes career preparation focused on leadership and service to others, and fosters a commitment to lifelong learning dedicated to the pursuit of truth and the common good.  Support for Reality is generously given through Aquinas College’s Philosophy Department.

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Continuum Philosophical Insight


“Thinking Beyond Academia” // For too long, higher education and the development of a liberal mind has been the exclusive provenance of universities and colleges: institutions which have failed to adapt to the new digital paradigm in which we now live.  Continuum Philosophical Insight is a new venture which strives to break this exclusivity and bring the insights of theoretical study outside the confines of the ivory tower.

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