Open CFPs

Reality promotes its calls for papers on a schedule of rolling publication.  This is to allow greater flexibility among authors and reviewers in submitting their work.  Articles, once accepted by the Editors, will be posted online immediately.  Reviewers can then read and submit their responses on whatever schedule is most fitting.  Both Articles and Reviews will be published together in the PDF of the Issue.

In the future, Reality intends to offer on-demand printing of Issues.

Currently open CFPs for which we are accepting Article submissions are found below:


pdf_icontechnology and the human person

2020-Vol1_Iss2-Mockup-1We often miss the natures and impacts of the things that are most intertwined with our lives and technology is no exception.  While lots of public attention falls upon new technology and anticipated future technology, the focus inevitably lands upon what that technology may do for us; far too little attention is paid to what the technology will do to us.  What little attention is given to its effects on the users tends to be dismissed as the fears of irrational luddites or retrogressive wonks, fear-mongering about the dystopian nightmares of stodgy paleo-conservatives.  Often eluding the thinking of advocates for technological advancement, however, are the real causal relations between technologies and the persons who use them and on whom they are used, especially as these technologies are capable of disrupting the natural and fitting proportions of our cognitive faculties…. [PDF]

pdf_iconrealist education and the west
2020-Vol1_Iss3-Mockup-1The struggle for Western civilization has always been intertwined with a true education.  One of the defining features of Western civilization from its roots has been an emphasis on the ability of the human person not only to understand the good but to act for it.  Historically, this has involved an education in the liberal arts with an emphasis on virtue, through which the common good of Western societies has been pursued.  But as the traditions constituting Western civilization have been abandoned, so too the orientations towards a true education in the classical sense.  Students are no longer taught arts that liberate the mind, but only those that enable their employment, and “virtue” is ignored as an impediment to material comfort.  Worse still, the majority of remaining liberal arts departments only masquerade as such, offering instead a myriad of hyper-modern ideologies that are inherently anti-realist by design.  A liberal arts department that actually engages with the Western tradition… [PDF]

Reality also accepts submissions of Essays and Book Reviews year round:

pdf_iconseeking essays and reviews

2020-Essays_Reviews-CFPReality publishes essays and book reviews online year-round.  Essays serve an important function for the philosophical endeavor: for not every idea that is worth publishing and discussing is one which can be developed into an Article, either because the idea remains inchoate and needs external stimulation (engagement by others) to develop or simply because we are too pressed for time and too strongly committed to other obligations.  These may be serious but still-developing philosophical inquiries or budding inspirations on any number of topics—which are not suitable for publication in other journals, either as not meeting their submission criteria or because the topics are outside the scope of what those journals regularly seek.

Similarly, one might, upon reading a book, have many thoughts about its philosophical merits or demerits, and wish to share those with others—but most journals are looking for reviews only of specific and especially newer books… [PDF]